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When I had my first baby, in the first month or two I thought all you could wear to easily breastfeed your baby was nothing or the Motherhood Maternity nursing tank tops that snap at the top to easily pull down. Don't get me wrong, those are incredibly functional and comfortable but when your belly is still mush after having the baby, tight fitting clothes aren't the most flattering. 

Here's me very tired and in one of my signature nursing tanks.

Nursing tank tops

Eventually I branched out to other clothes that were loose and flowy so I could lift my shirt up and hide baby underneath but then my mushy belly was exposed. Now, I was not one who was shy about nursing in public, but I did prefer to keep tummy and breast mostly covered. I nursed in public all the time. I nursed in my car in grocery store parking lots, at the beach, at restaurants, and even while hiking with my babies. I did buy a few nursing specific shirts that had the top layer that you would lift up to access your breast, they just never were my favorite shirts but they did serve the function well. 

Another pic of me in my signature nursing tank.

It wasn't until I had my second baby that I got more creative with the clothes I wore to make nursing easier while also looking cute and put together. I sought out loose flowy tops and dresses that had buttons down the front or larger workout tank tops that had enough stretch to pull the top down or had a wide enough arm hole to pull my breast out the side for nursing. I felt so liberated after to be able to wore more normal clothes this time around. And, the best part is these are clothes I still wear today because they're cute, still fit me and don't look like a maternity or nursing dress.

Here's some of my favorite tops that I nursed in and still wear today!

Nursing Tank Top Nursing tank top  


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